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Home InSight provides a variety of different types of home inspections to serve your needs. We also offer additional services you can order when the inspection is scheduled or at the time of the inspection. Home InSight specializes in delivering home inspections exceeding standards, but we do offer different service levels, depending on your needs.

Home Inspection Types

Whether you're a seller or buyer, buying a home from a builder or owner, or you've lived in the house for a while, there is an appropriate inspection for you. We also offer an inspection to ensure the house is safe for seniors aging at home.

Resale Home Inspection. Most inspections are for existing homes purchased from a homeowner. For us the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards guide us. It's similar to a variety of national and regional home inspection standards, including the one put out by the California Real Estate Inspectors Association (CREIA). Home InSight meets or exceeds every one of the available standards.

New Construction Inspection. If you're building a house or buying a brand new one, Home InSight uses current building codes to evaluate it. It's performed like one for an existing house, but building codes are cited so your builder can address it. We like to have a look just before the drywall goes on and within a week of closing. Most conditions found in a resale home inspection could've been found or predicted during a new construction inspection.

Builder Warranty Inspection. Just like most new products you buy, a house carries a warranty too. We'll inspect the house before the end of your warranty period to support your repair requests from the builder. Just as for a new construction inspection, a punch list is created citing applicable building codes at the time the house was built.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection. If you're getting ready to sell your house, wouldn't you like to know what major concerns the home inspector is going to raise before you get it from your buyer? When you fix them ahead of time, your house will usually sell faster can get a better price. In addition, you won't give up a lot of equity just to move on with your life.

Senior Home Safety Inspection. Adult children of Senior Citizens we try to help our parents stay in there home as long a possible. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we tend not to take care of the house the way we used to. As a result, the house can make us sick or injure us, perhaps causing us to consider moving to a long-term care facility prematurely. We can help your parents live longer in their house by identifying areas of concern so you can address them--for the health of your parents and their care givers.

Additional Services

While any of the types of inspections above, we offer additional services for your health and safety.

Recalled Appliances. 1 in 5 houses has a recalled appliance in it, and 80% of those are fire hazards. Figuring out if you have any is nearly impossible by the way recommended in California's standard real estate contract. Late 2009, Recall Chek can look yours up among 195 M appliances going back to 1974 and send you a report within two business days after our inspection. The best part is the manufacturer fixes them for free!

Mold Sampling. Mold is everywhere and desirable, unless it gets out of control in your house or someone living there is sensitive to it. Home InSight uses 5 red flags to alert us to the possible presence of elevated mold levels. Most houses don't. Home InSight quietly looks for mold conditions while inspecting the house. If so, then mold sampling is recommended. It can be done at the time of the home inspection for less cost, but, as a matter of policy, we refer you back to your Realtor to avoid unnecessary expenses. However, if you know you're sensitive to it, we'll gladly check it for you at the time of the inspection.

Combustion Safety. 1/3 of all house with gas appliances have combustion safety issues. As part of our home inspections, we uses simple diagnostic procedures and visual assessments to find most of them. However, we're prepared to check for gas leaks, back drafting, and carbon monoxide production with more elaborate diagnostic testing.

Home Performance. A standard home inspection looks at the seven engineering systems of a house as if they were somehow independent of each other. The structural, electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, mechanical, energy, and storm water drainage systems work together to provide a healthy, long-lasting, comfortable, and energy efficient home. They do it by controlling indoor air quality, moisture, and energy transfer. Beyond the condition of a house, is performance over time. Usually, a home performance assessment is considered after living in your house for at least two months. However, it can be completed as part your home inspection.

Stucco Moisture Analysis. Stucco clad homes are is some ways superior to other types. However, if water gets behind the stucco, it can trap moisture against the interior wood structure. California houses have a better chance of drying out then those in the Southeast, but water doesn't need to get into any house! Home InSight will point out possible sources of moisture intrusion and recommend ways to seal it as part of any home inspection. However, checking for moisture damage requires diagnostic testing.


Home InSight is much more than a home inspection company. We do a variety of assessments that help us do a better job of analyzing the condition of the house you have or are considering.

Visual Assessments. There are many kinds of assessments beyond the scope of a standard home inspection. Consciously or unconsciously, we end up doing much of the visual assessments related to mold, stucco, and home performance inspections. We've trained hard to understand how your house works in terms of energy use, moisture intrusion, and indoor air quality.

Building Consultant for Life. You get the benefit of a better understanding of your house is expected to work as seasons change. Our clients will also tell you the solutions we recommend do a better job of permanently resolving issues we find. If not, as your Building Consultant for life, please call us to explore other options. Sometimes you have to live in a house for a while understand how it works.


If you need an inspection service Home InSight is unable to deliver, we will try to find professional for you.

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