Home Inspection Service Levels

Home InSight understands clients have different needs and delivers services accordingly. Home inspections range from big ticket items only to comprehensive diagnostic audits. Services are performed for investors, buyers, sellers, and homeowners.

Premium Home Inspection. This is the inspection level recommended to all buyers who intend to live in the house. This home inspection exceeds the requirements of an standard home inspection by beginning to consider items related to home performance. Once you move into your new home, it's performance that counts! Remember, a home inspection based on a national or regional standard is focused only on the condition of the house. Many, if not all of them, exclude anything related to indoor air quality, moisture control, and energy transfer, which is what all the components of the house are expected to contribute to! As a matter of practice, Home InSight quietly includes visual assessments for mold, stucco moisture intrusion, combustion safety, and energy performance in its inspections.

Standard Home Inspection. The purpose of an ASHI, CREIA, or other national or regional home inspection is to report on the condition of the house as it stands today. Many inspectors using this standard perform 2-3 inspections per day. It's only after you move into the house and start paying the doctor and utility bills that you figure out it really is performance that counts! A standard home inspection serves the purposes of a real estate transaction, which is to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Home InSight performs them, but recommends its Premium Home Inspection instead to avoid disappointment later. We want to be your Building Consultant for Life!

Investor Grade Inspection. Investors typically want to know what the big ticket items for repair or replacement are. This basis for inspection is standard practice for a Commercial Inspection. Cost for repair or replacement is the only consideration. For a Commercial Inspection, the threshold is $3000, based on cost-to-repair manuals. For investors, Home InSight sets a threshold of $1000 based on experience with building, remodeling, or repairing houses to make recommendations. No other cost analysis is provided. This type of inspection is only provided to investors who understand there is no standard for this inspection. As such, the inspection is competed within 45-60 minutes, with no guarantees. Please understand this inspection level is never offered to homebuyers for liability reasons.

Comprehensive Energy Audit. This level of inspection is what a home inspection ought to be, because it considers both condition and performance. However, it's not practical to do so. Diagnostic testing is used to determine air infiltration through walls, floors, and ceiling, air duct leakage, and combustion safety. The house is rated in terms of it expected energy performance. Ventilation is a major consideration. This assessment gives the complete picture on how healthy, long-lasting, comfortable, and energy efficient the house is. Home InSight performs them, but does not recommend them during the purchase process because the people living in the home are usually unwilling to be interviewed. Therefore, Home InSight performs the visual assessment during Premium Home Inspection and offers to come back at least 2 months after the home inspection to complete the comprehensive energy audit. The goal is to not insert additional complexity into the buying process! We want to help you buy and enjoy your dream house!  

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