Home InSight serves a wide variety of clients, including home buyers, homeowners, family, real estate agents, builders, and home performance contractors. Each group of clients has special needs to meet. Regardless of what type of client you are, Home InSight is your building consultant life!
Home Buyers
Home buyers want to know the condition of the house they're considering before purchasing it. In addition to throughly evaluating the house to solve the case of the mysterious home condition, Home InSight provides reports of varying levels of detail to help purchase the house, communicate with contractors, and find all the cleanouts, controls, and filters around the house.
Home Sellers
Sellers can command a better price for their house by dealing with delayed maintenance and conditions they may be unaware of. Home Stagers will help you present the house well. The report is shared with your listing agent and home stager to develop a strategy for getting the house ready for sale.
Homeowners need to improve the performance of their homes in terms of health, building durability, comfort, and energy efficiency. Services include mold screening, stucco moisture analysis, home performance assessments, and warranty inspections. Beyond the initial assessment report, a network of professionals are identified to make improvements.
Seniors need to live safely in their home. Caregivers need a healthy place to work. Sons, daughters, and grandchildren need a healthy and safe place when they come to visit too. Home InSight offers a Senior Home Safety Inspection as part of the Senior Home Safety Network.
Real Estate Agents
Sales agents, including Realtors and Brokers, need support to help close their deals. In addition to preparing reports supporting Ammendments to Remove Inspection Contingecy, Home Insight provides on-line scheduling and marketing support.
EarthCraft House and ENERGY STAR builders need consultation to successfully build their houses within cost and schedule constraints. In additions to predrywall and final inspections, Home InSight helps builders and their subcontractors understand how to build healthy, durable, comfortable, and energy efficient houses.
Home Performance Contractors
Home Performance Contractors need accurate information about the current condition of the house and recommendations for improving a house using a whole-house approach.

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