Home Insight specializes in home performance assessments, including ENERGY STAR, Home Performance w/ ENERGY STAR, and EarthCraft House. All these programs use HERS Ratings to quantify home energy use. The resulting models are used to help determine prioritized whole-house solutions for improving home performance.

The stimulus package has released a lot money to help buyers and homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Mortgage money is available that fully covers the cost of improvements using Energy Efficient Mortgages.

Many of these programs certify a house that can be listed in the Georgia MLS along with it's HERS Index. These houses retain their value compared to similar uncertified existing houses.

HERS Ratings. Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Ratings are determined for new and existing homes. There use depends on the program requiring them. In general, HERS Ratings are required for certification of new-construction, green-built houses. HERS Ratings (aka HERS Report) also support Energy Efficient Mortgages, which can be obtained for new or existing houses. Sherlock Homes a HERS Rater.

ENERGY STAR. Houses are certified using the requirements of the ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes program. In addition to a HERS Rating, a predrywall and final inspection is required. As a HERS Rater, Sherlock Homes is qualified to verify ENERGY STAR houses for certification.

EarthCraft House. In the Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia), Southface Energy Institute certifies houses through the EarthCraft House program. Sherlock Homes is a Technical Advisor who is qualifed to verify EarthCraft Houses for certification.

EarthCraft House Renovation. Existing houses can be certified as green-built throught the EarthCraft House Renovation program.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. Another way existing houses can get a certification is through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Currently, this program in the Atlanta Metro Area is sponsored by Georgia Power and Jackson EMC and administered through Southface Energy Institute. Sherlock Homes is an independent assessor to serve as your consultant while your work with Home Performance Contractors to improve your house.