Existing Homes Facts:
Most houses leak 25-40% of conditioned air, much of it to outside
About 1/3 of houses have combustion safety issues
Our homes are making us sick due to trapped contaminants
These problems are made worse by adding bigger air conditioners
8-25% of electricity is wasted by appliances with motors

Purpose: improve energy efficiency, IAQ, and moisture control

Goal: healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, & energy efficient home

Reasons to Build:
Buyers willing to pay for modest energy improvements
Familiar brand reduces buyer anxiety to purchase
Lower energy bills in face of escalating energy cost
Energy efficiency reduces carbon footprint

Builders: Market advantage & tax credits
Buyers: Healthy, Durable, Comfortable, Energy Efficient House
Sellers: Better selling price & less time on the market

Inspection Focus:
PreDrywall Inspection
1. Attempt to complete Thermal Bypass Checklist
2. Building code compliance as it relates to program
Final Inspection
1. Completion of Thermal Bypass Checklist
2. Field verification of HERS model for HERS Index
3. Determine compliance with program requirements
4. Building code compliance as it relates to program

Ideally, Home InSight should be involved at the beginning of the project, starting with a design review, to review program requirements and establish the HERS model for the house. The design review aligns our expecations, establishing the basis of a familiar consulting relationship throughout the project. When the HERS model is built early, it can be used to help make decisions.

Report Content:
Inspection report w/ pictures
Scorecard (Prioritized list of improvements)
Three summary reports

  • Inspection Findings - Things needing attention now
  • Verify Final - Items to complete before next inspection or certification
  • Key Considerations - Concerns not addressed by program

Pricing Variables:
Conditioned space square footage
Travel Time

Services with Fees:
On-site or Extended Phone Consulation (optional)
HERS Rating (based on plans)
HERS Model Update (based on completed building)
PreDrywall Inspection
Final Inspection

Need at least 1 hour of daylight to investigate the exterior
Inspection Time:

  • Usually 3-4 hours on-site for final inspection
  • Usually 2-3 hours on-site for predrywall inspection

More Information:
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