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We help seniors stay in their homes. There are programs to help seniors and others in need, such as caregiving, bringing food, and chauferring to doctor visits. But up until now, nothing was being done to ensure the house is safe for your parents, caregivers, and their visitors. As seniors age or become ill, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the demands of home ownership.

In our society, extended family are literrally scattered all over the world. If your family is anything like ours, then you don't get to your parent's home much. When you do, you're not there long enough to really check out their living arrangements let alone take care of what you see. Even if you do live in town, you still may not recognize unhealty conditions as they develop.

Why Inspect? Home InSight specializes in the Solving the Case of the Mysterious Home Condition, even for your parent's home! Home Inspectors are trained to consider everything in the house. Home InSight goes beyond that to predict how the house is performing based on what we see. A Senior Home Safety Inspection goes beyond a standard resale home inspection to consider indoor air quality, water, and combustion safety concerns too.

Purpose. We help seniors "age in place" in their homes by checking for and indentifying health and safety hazards.

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