Golden Triangle Improves Your Home Performance

Golden Triangle. Indoor air quality, moisture control, energy efficiency--the legs of the Gold Triangle of Home Peformance. When changes are made to one leg, the other two are impacted--for better or worse.

Indoor air quality can be improved by reducing air leaks through ductwork, walls, floors, and ceilings by reducing the amount of pollutantes drawn into the house. EnGoldenTriangleergy efficiency increases because less conditioned air is blown outside. Moisture control is improved because the air conditioner can remove humidity from your house easier.

Home InSight focuses on the Golden Triangle as part of every home inspection, mold screening, stucco moisture analysis, and home performance assessment. Sherlock Homes works with builders to increase indoor air quality, moisture control, and energy efficiency during new construction and remodeling.

Mold Screenings. An intial mold screening starts with a concern about a water leak or visible mold. Often a doctor recommends one when their patients show or express symptoms consistent with mold contamination. After a brief interview, the first step is to identify all sources of moisture. There's no point in cleaning up mold until the water is stopped. To assist mold remediators in removing the mold, samples are taken to determine the extent the contamination. After the cleanup is complete and before putting the house back together, mold sampling is used to determine whether the mold has been taken care of. If the mold remediators are successful, a mold clearance letter is written. It will be needed when the house is sold. Sherlock Homes is a Certified Mold Inspector who identifies moisture sources, recommends repairs, and provides clearance letters.

Stucco Moisture Analysis. Stucco homes have the unique feature of applying the the siding directly to the internal wall structure. If water gets between the siding and wall, the wood suffers water damage. The water gets in through window frames, where walls meet the bottom of a roof, and unsealed joints and cracks around the house. (All houses can have these problems.) Stucco moisture analysis identifies wet spots around the building so they can be repaired. Recommendations are also made for how to protect the rest of the house. The report is sent to Moisture Warranty who provides a minimum set of improvements that need to be made to issue a warranty. After the work is complete, it is verified. When the work is complete, the warranty can be issued. Sherlock Homes is Certified Stucco Inspector who conducts the moisture analysis and inspection and verifies completion of work.

Home Performance Assessment. Almost all existing houses have home performance problems. Most of the issues were built in. Some of them are due to deferred maintenance. A home performance assessment visually identifies areas for improvement and uses diagnostic testing to establish priorities leading to a whole-house approach for improving indoor air quaility, moisture control, and energy efficiency. The improvements change the way the house behaves. After certain types of work are completed; such as air sealing ductwork, walls, floors, and ceilings; diagnostic testing testing is repeated to ensure the house is safe to live in and verify the work is complete. Home InSight preforms independent home assessments, makes recommendations for improvement, and verifies the work is complete. In the meantime, Sherlock Homes consults with the home performance contractors while the improvements are made.

Green-remodelling certification is possible through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and EarthCraft House Renovation programs.

Energy Audits. Sometimes a home performance assessment is called an energy assessment, which is quickly confused with an energy audit. An energy audit is a visual inspection, usually completed in less than 1 hour, focusing only on energy efficiency. Typical items include insulaton, ductwork installation, light bulbs, and appliances. These may be available for free from one of your utility companies. Home insight completes most of what is covered in an energy audit during home inspections and home performance assessments. Sometimes, the cost of a home performance assessment is too much for a homeowner. Sherlock Homes is happy to preform a visual assessment only while conducting a modified home inspection. In addition to energy efficiency improvements, recommendations will also be made for moisture control and indoor air quality.

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