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Home InSight knows time is of the essence for your deal. We also know we need to help make your job easier to help get your client into their house as soon as possible. Home InSight is about continuous process improvement. Here's what we do now. What else can we do for you?

Multiple Services. In addition to the basic home inspection, while on site, Home InSight is capable of performing "Termite" Inspections (Stay tuned. Looking for certification in California)

Mold Screenings
Stucco Moisture Analysis
Home Performance Assessments, and
Energy Ratings (HERS Reports).

If the house is being purchased from the builder or the house is less than 1-year old, a New Home Inspection is automatically performed to provide a punch list to the builder.

Completing the home inspection and the termite is inspection together saves time and leads to a more complete picture of the house. In reality, Home InSight silently performs the visual parts of these additional services to better evaluate the house. Recommendations are made to help you better assist your clients in getting into their homes. If additional services are needed, they are completed more quickly--either at the time of the inspection or a follow-up inspection. Through home inspections reduce liability for both of us!

Scheduling. Home InSight is available for inspections 7 days a week. You can see the schedule on line and reserve an appointment on this website. During business hours, our call center schedules inspections. Outside these hours, Sherlock Homes answers the phone as he's available. Appointments are confirmed by email no later than the next morning by the call center.

Inspector Availability. Like you, Home InSight has a life. When an inspection can't be completed when needed, another similarly qualified inspector is referred to ensure quality services are provided to your client.

Contractor Support. You have your own referral list of contractors to complete work needed to close the deal. If you need someone, Home InSight may have a referral for you. Specialized contractors are available on this website.

Marketing Support. Home InSight seeks to establish an lasting relationship with you. Home InSight belongs to the Millionaire Inspection Community and will help you with marketing tips. When your buyer is going to live in the house they're purchasing, postcards and mailing labels are given to you to give to your client at closing.

Client Support. Our relationship with your client doesn't stop once the house closes. We both need thier referrals for future business. Home InSight provides monthly maintenance tips and other support for your client. Being available for at least up to the first year helps them be more comfortable in their home because I'm their building consultant for life.

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